10 Best Water Heaters user buy Guide and Review

10 Best Water Heater

Nowadays, when people rely more on easy-going things and do not want to let themselves feel uncomfortable in any manner. Here comes the most important appliance that anyone would prefer especially in the winter season. Yes, its Water Heaters. Nobody wants to use today the old traditional methods of putting container filled with water over the gas stove, it might be dangerous. Therefore, water heaters serve the customer needs as well as wants for the long term. However, many manufacturers sell several water heaters, so it can be difficult to know which is perfect for all to buy best water Heaters. It is always recommended to look at the reviews first before making any decision.

Water Heater comes in two ways; Storage and Instant. Storage Water Heaters provide hot water without any pause as compare to Instant. However, it is expensive as well as takes a lot of space to mount on. Before going to purchase, consider the needs you require and then look at the model who can best satisfy them. Here are given 10 best Water Heater reviews that will guide you to make a perfect decision.

1.AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Storage Water Heater

AO Smith is a popular U.S. water heater company that has captured its market in India with its stylish and compact appliances. The appliance is packed with many notable features that are safe for children and free to handle as well. Since the company has always been in limelight for its appliances longevity and innovative technologies. This water heater is a BEE 5 star rated that ensures the best quality and efficiency. Its temperature control knob allows you to adjust the temperature of the water as and when you require it. Also, the safety valve helps to control the water pressure by automatically relieving water when the pressure exceeds the set limit.

2. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-L Water Heater

Bajaj has always been known as a top Indian company in the electronic world. Its appliances are efficient and safe always. If you are looking to purchase the best water heater, then this is the best choice. The model is adaptable to all kinds of places. It is available at a decent price with high safety features and low maintenance costs. Also, if you are suffering from the hard water problem of the municipality, then this model is a perfect choice. It can tackle the hardness of the water. With commendable 25-liter of the storage tank,  the appliance is BEE 4 star rated.

3. American Micronics AMI WHM3 25-L Water Heater

Manufactured by American Micronics Instruments Inc. USA, the appliance is all ready to adapt to the Indian environment. This water heater is reliable, durable, and efficient in working. Although it lacks the design but packed with practical and safety features that will make you purchase it at first sight. Its operations are easy to handle and use. Some of its notable features are immense water pressure control and resistance over excess water heating/dry heating. The appliance is quite suitable for the high rise buildings as it has a 2mm thick inner tank.

4. V-Guard Victo 15-L Water Heater

With the best water heater reviews, this model is quite trustable and efficient. This is because the V-Guard brand is the most trusted and preferred brand in India. It is elegant in design and high-performance appliances. The model does not take much time to heat the water with its 15-L inner tank. Some of its notable features are built with high-quality material, four-layered safety system, thermal cut off feature, water temperature control knob, suitable for all hard water supply, etc. Lastly, the appliance comes with accessory units unlike other brands in the market.

5. Havells Monza EC5S 15-L Water Heater

This model comes from the major power distribution equipment manufacturing company. Its design is quite attractive and noticeable, and the appliance is packed with amazing features, and that what makes it to be best suitable for the guest rooms. Havells company has always been for its ultimate electronic appliances and this model of its is highly efficient and live up to the customer expectations at last. Some of its exciting features are water temperature control knob, fero glass technology, PUF insulated tank, consist of – year warranty on product and 6-month on inner tank.

6. Usha Misty 25-L Water Heater

This Misty water heater is manufactured by the Usha Company which is known for its utility and safety systems. The perfect package for performance with some amazing safety features is an ideal choice for any individual. The water heater consists of an attractive design on its ABS body. And it is decently priced for the features with the promise to ensure the super-smooth performance of the system and durability. Some of the features available in it are Incoloy 800 heat element, adjustable thermostat, heats up quickly in 10 min, retain heat for a longer time, etc.

7. Racold Eterno 2 15-L Water Heater

Comes from a popular brand, Racold Eterno is a smart cum intelligent water bath logic. With a sleek design, the appliance is durable, reliable, and high energy efficient. The company claims their way of energy conservation as the smart mix of both hot and cold water by a special deflector ensures less frequent restart while retaining the hot water for a longer time. Like the above best water heaters, this model also never stays behind. Some of its features are smart mix reflector, high-pressure resistance, warranty period both on the product and inner tank, etc.

8. Crompton Solarium DLX 15-L Storage Water Heater

You might have heard a lot about Crompton in the advertisements. This company is the most popular in the whole electronics industry. Likewise, the model is also known for its high-efficiency, quality design, and durability. Its unique design is definitely an eye-catching element. With a decent price, it offers you smart promising features consisting of innovative technologies that help saving electricity and retaining heat. Overall the product is quite perfect to purchase, but you have to buy its installation accessories and other required pipes separately. No matter what, the product is counted in the best water heaters list.

9. V-Guard Victo Plus 15-L Water Heater

The model is an amped version of V-Guard water heaters both by features and design. The design is such that for a modern household, it is quite perfect in utility as well as performance-wise terms. It is packed with all the necessary features that anyone would look for in an appliance. The price of this water heater is moderate and it is easy to install the device. Some of its available features are a digital display, heat retention capacity, safety features, etc.

10. Longway Stainless Steel Water Heater

The Longway water heater is the best known for its quick response to the heat. Although these heaters are not known well in India, however, they are one of the oldest manufacturers of water heaters. It has some best Water heater reviews that anyone would want to purchase it. With a storage capacity of 25-L, the model consist of the automatic thermostat and anti-vacuum system that cuts off the power when you do not require it. It provides you with a warranty facility of 2 years on the appliance itself and 30 months on the inner tank. Performance-wise, the appliance is decent and the price is also moderate.

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