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Your Best Chiang Mai Travel Guide. – Fully Online Exploring To Chiang Mai.

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Your Best Chiang Mai Travel Guide. - Fully Online Exploring To Chiang Mai.Click Image To Visit Site You’re about looking for a good guide to make the greatest trips in this beautiful city , thinking about Chiang Mai – where you should go, what activity you shoud do, interests attraction and recreation places, foods and restaurants, night clubs and basr, souvenirs shop, safety and security and more, by reading my story here first and you’ll understand why I spend a lot of time created this Chiang Mai travel guide book for you.

Hello traveler you’re here today about searching for the great guide for visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand. May I introducing myself my name is Komkrit the Chiang Mai local people I’m the geographer work for the survey company for several years,  so with my job characteristic I have opportunity to travel a lot to explore and survey around Chiang Mai and other sites nearly that why I know the area very well and something I need to tell you next is very important that you’re searching I’m the one who love to travel or exploring the new places, Let me tell about myself first, each year I got about 10 days holiday so the limited time is very important to me to make a good relaxing . Maybe our situation is same, it is time to program and planning to do something with this short time. I known that it is a valuable time when design to spending your holiday with somewhere, after choosing where to go you’re about searching again for good places where to go in those place such as you’re choosing Chiang Mai as your destination next you have to do is about searching for an attractions, food and restaurant, shopping, souvenir shop, ect to fulfilled you trip to be the most fun, amazing, value and most save. To make the wonderful trip with a little bit of time to exploring all thing you should not missed then visit that place.

Next, is about my experienced trips in Phuket. Let’s me tell you about my story which is not a good planning because I just known that I spend about 3 times more for everything compare to local people pay in those place, the first time for me and my girlfriend visiting Phuket, as we’re the backpacker traveler so we need  the most save for everything  spending there by searching information and data from the internet where we should go, food and restaurant, pubs and night club, shopping, souvenir shop, and the best attractions we should not missed in Phuket. Then we got one free downloading guide from the internet it look good and covered everything we needed so we should this guide as our handbook. Yes, it is ok but not most satisfaction because after that trip we’re totally around $1,600 and something for all things in Phuket (foods, hotel, bike rental and souvenirs) this price may a little bit for someone but for Thai people it is not cheap anymore as we’re noticed everywhere we go has a lot of overseas tourist around 80-90 percent and others Thai after that trip we back to Chiang Mai and forget about how much we spend in Phuket because we know that it is not spend everyday but only when we have a good opportunity so it is ok for that trips.

Second chance to visit Phuket again on the year 2013, due to some of my closed friend moving to work there for a couple years so we plan to visit Phuket again but not required to stay with him cause he stay in a small rental house suburb and we’re booked for a hotel in town already this time with the local guide he leading us everywhere in Phuket but the different is he not let’s us go to the places we been before I asked why? Those all I been are the places for tourist only and all local people known it is very expensive for everything for example the beach suggestion by my guide before is very busy almost are overseas tourist but other one suggestion by my friend is very cool, calm, beautiful, and natural food and drinks are great tested then I forgot the expensive one in a hotel restaurant here is very nice place most are Thai and local people coming for picnic, and swimming.  At night time we were at local night clubs zone which is my friend tell me only local people known here is very fun, cool music, enjoy and about 3 times cheaper than tourist pub and bars for tourist event this place is only 1km. from tourist zone. Not only attractions, restaurant, night club and bars. He also recommended the shops that we can buy seas food and other souvenirs that make me super surprised. Why? Everything I see in the shop are cheaper than I used to spend before it is absolutely make me and my girlfriend shock with our mistakes for the trip before. The second one trip in Phuket we spend $600 for all, appx. 3 times cheaper .Before we get back to Chiang Mai I been asked my friend when he driving us to the airport why my guide before make me confused, he told me that the free guide I got should be made by hotel, souvenir shop, rental shop, or other travel agencies and when I’m coming by using their they will get the commission for referred so something I pay go for their commission payment in fact everything here is not expensive as my experienced and the thing I pay 3 times more it doesn’t mean it is 3 times better, Hmm it real! So now we’re known that the tourist business look like. And we may need the real exactly fact and truth about place visiting before going and guide from the local people is very important.

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July 13th, 2015 at 8:31 pm

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