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Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book

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Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a BookClick Image To Visit SiteA unique, innovative writing system, centred on guiding you through the book-writing process as time-efficiently as possible. Devised and developed by Hayley Paige, ‘Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book’ utilises industry-recognised techniques and expands their application for use in the time-efficient writing and publication of both fiction and non-fiction works.

Imagine the potential if you were to be guided through the book-writing process with the application of tried and proven methods. Consider the possibilities if, through the completion of 8 Modules and corresponding Assignments, you could learn and ingrain within your Writer’s Self the approaches, skills and techniques necessary to not only write and publish a book, but do so quickly… What if you could master the art of writing one book after another, penning and publishing several a year?

All too often, the commonly held dream of writing and publishing a book goes unachieved, and mainly owing to one key reason: uncertainty as to where to begin.

But what if you were taught? What if you were handed a system detailing everything you could need to know about writing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction? What if you were taught some of the techniques and approaches applied by best-selling authors across the globe? What if you were to become part of a unique writing system that not only allows you to write one book after another, but do so quickly?

This innovative and unique, not-available-anywhere-else writing system teaches the time-efficient principles of taking a book idea and turning it into a complete manuscript, ready for editing and publication, within only weeks. 8 Modules, 8 Assignments, transforming YOU from writer to author! Ask Yourself: How many times have you imagined writing a fantasy? Perhaps a thriller? Maybe you’ve considered sharing your experience with others? Teaching through ebooks? Maybe you seek the prestige and recognition that comes with being an author. Whatever your motive, after becoming one of the Writing System’s select members, you won’t be able to stop writing!

My system will provide the vital stepping stones to your journey of writing and publishing not only 1 but several books each and every year through teaching YOU to adopt our life-changing Time-Efficient Writing Principles.

And I guarantee your preference between fiction and non-fiction might suddenly become blurred when you realise the ease and short time with which you can create both…

My name is Hayley Paige, and I am a Copy Editor, book publisher and writer. Throughout the course of my career, I have come to garner a wealth of skills and expertise in many domains, but predominantly in books. I not only love but understand books; their vital components, how words should look and feel on the page, all they should encompass (both fiction and non-fiction), their purpose, and all they can bring to the lives of their readers. Most importantly, I understand how to push an idea through the writing process, on to publication, and how to achieve worldwide availability and distribution. The writing system taught through my course is a world of knowledge and direction in one place. Books are my passion, and writers are fundamental to this. Without a world of writers, we would be without new and inspiring books, without the creations brought to life by imagination, without the knowledge and skills taught in How To and information books. We would be lost. And so writers are the focus of my most recent endeavour: to ensure the production, publication and availability of high-quality reads—introduced to the market as quickly as we can devour them! This writing system—notably available nowhere else!— is my own contribution to ensuring our world of Book Lovers is fulfulled whilst simultaneously achieving the goals and life-long dreams of aspiring writers and authors across the globe!

‘Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book’ takes the writer through 8 different modules, each of which is fundamental to the successful writing of a book, whether fiction or non-fiction. It provides step-by-step details on what actions should be taken and when, breaking down an entire book into small tasks—nothing complicated or difficult. Emphasis is placed on making writing time most efficient through a special writing technique adopted by writers and authors across the globe, ensuring your book transforms from an idea and into the hands of readers within the shortest possible timescale. The simplicity and ease will amaze you!

Upon the completion of your book—whether fantasy or crime, thriller or biography, How To or indeed any other genre—our unique Writing System’s members are then given critical information relating to, and insight into, the publishing industry, with discussion centred on realistic advances and royalties, maintaining creative control and all rights to their work, acquiring a Literary Agent, self-publishing, intermediary solutions, and—perhaps most importantly—how authors can not only publish their books but also ensure their book(s) is made available to thousands of distributors, retailers and wholesalers worldwide. The course also provides a sample Query Letter, which can be amended for approaching Literary Agents and publishers!

I have been asked so many times: How do you write a book? Where do you even begin? How did you finish it so quickly? How did you come up with the idea? What’s your advice? No longer are the answers to these questions a mystery. In 2008, the decision was made to detail everything—every answer, every bit of knowledge, every tip and trick, every skill and action—and to make it available here, in the form of my Writing System. Testing, trialling and proving the system has taken years and an abundance of effort directed towards achieving a simple but effective process. And now, finally, anyone wanting to achieve their dream of writing a book—YOU!—can learn the time-efficient but non-complicated techniques used by… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 7:56 pm

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