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World Order Death – The Book

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World Order Death - The BookClick Image To Visit SiteAlong with the dying World so- called “order” comes new life to a planet, and a real spiritual order.

This is an exposition that most have never heard of. Here you will be awakened to how those who say thay are creating a “New World Order,” have started something that is dying.

Chapter 1: How do you know this book tells the truth? Chapter 2: What has the NWO implemented, and what do they plan for the future? Chapter 3: What are the people of the NWO? Chapter 4: What is different about this book? Chapter 5: Unique implemented Methodology for world-wide change Chapter 6: Positive thinking Chapter 7: Positive being, not thinking Chapter 8: Laws that govern the Universe Chapter 9: Why do the "elite" want to control minds? Chapter 10: How is the NWO failing? Chapter 11: How can you succeed because of NWO’s failing? Chapter 12: How to survive – whatever NWO does Chapter 13: It starts with your individual self Chapter 14: World-Wide Thermonuclear War Chapter 15: The world Events are a Movie Chapter 16: Gratitude and Adversity Chapter 17: Death and Life – elimination and renewal Chapter 18: A small minority of the people affect great change Chapter 19: What is the Final Revolution, and New Spiritual Order? Read more…

Written by Jason

November 23rd, 2014 at 3:56 pm