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Who Else Wants A Consistent, Accurate Monster Ace-ing Serve?

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Who Else Wants A Consistent, Accurate Monster Ace-ing Serve?Click Image To Visit SiteWhat I am about to tell you is not common knowledge. In fact outside of around five other people you are one of the first to hear about this…

For the past decade I have been working with several big serve players and coaches which led me to work with many high ranking WTA players including Jamilla Gajdosova (Current Australian Open Mixed Doubles Champion), Tatiana Perebiynis to name but a few. All of these players are known for their BIG serves – “women who hit their serves like a man”.

Powerful, accurate serves are not a quirk of nature – YOU AREN’T BORN a BIG server. What I have seen through hours and hours of exposure to top flight players is that they follow a certain regime and by doing so they develop, Power, accuracy and most of all consistency.

Last year I started training students using a process that integrates the Bailey Footwork Method with the regime that develops these incredible BIG serves and the results have been stunning.

Almost instantly the players who we taught the new method not only became more accurate, their serves rapidly became consistent and powerful! ….

If your serve has ever let you down, or you just can’t get enough power behind it or land the ball where you want it to then you are going to be thrilled with what you are about to discover.

The Sharpshooter is a system that improves your serves to the ad court and deuce court. It’s easy to set up, fast and fun to learn and most importantly designed to make you serve under conditions similar to match play i.e. it matters if you miss. You get a performance assessment and improvement system so you track your progress, work on your weaknesses and develop your “go to” serve whether that’s your serve to their forehand, backhand or a body serve.

One of the people you will see demonstrate the sharpshooter is Seone Mendez who I began training in 2007 and is now the top ranked junior in Australia in her age group. You’ll see Seone knocking over 6 inch high cones with her serves – now that’s the kind of accuracy everyone wants… and until now no one knew how to achieve. Well now you can with the Tennis Sharpshooter.

You no Longer Have to Settle For A Wimpy Serve When You Could Be Serving Explosive Aces Like The Greats!

So here’s the thing… I am looking for a few people who want to use the Sharp Shooter Program now. It has been battle tested on all levels of player from very junior to WTA Pros – and it’s worked every time. Here are some early reactions I have received about the sharpshooter:

“ Fantastic coaching tool…. I can see our kids getting huge benefit from the Sharpshooter program. For me as a manager at a busy club… its nice to know I can send the kids out (even if their levels vary) on court and have them practice with intent and purpose. Fantastic Product once again from The Bailey Method”

The Serve is the most important stroke in tennis and I think serve is least practiced. You have created once again very good practice method. Both first and second serve are used. Levels are good idea, scoring also, it creates break when player makes notes, it gives pressure which is also in real game.”

Now it’s time to share it with you… and because you are on my email list there are a few extras…

I have always been really good at skipping. Not the sort of thing that makes you cool at school I know but it’s fantastic strength and stamina training for tennis players.

A couple of years ago I made a video for some of my private clients to teach them how to radically improve their leg strength, balance and stamina using several skipping techniques… It’s always been a secret resource I only shared with a few private clients.

It was never meant for public release so the footage is not TV quality and you can hear the tripod click a bit when the camera moves but I have had so much great feedback about it that I have decided to give it away as a bonus.

Speed kills! The speed you can react to whatever your opponent does will determine whether you kill their game or they kill yours. You will remember from the Bailey Method the 5 R’s… The second R is for React and this is the drill I use to give you Leyton Hewitt style reaction speed. Coach, Raimo Mäkitalo said that this was the ‘Best reaction drill he had seen’! Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 8:28 pm

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