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without comments Better Than Free. #1 of 10 BEST.Click Image To Visit SiteTHE FRAMEWORK WILL NOT INCLUDE YOUR CONTENT. Once you create your FRAMEWORK, you only need to add your content which you place in the clearly marked off content areas. No special software required. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH FORMATTING CONTENT, ANY WEB CODER CAN DO THAT.

"NOTHING. KEEP TRYING. If you create something you are happy with, then buy. Remember, after your purchase, any web coder can make changes to it."

"Wonderful. This is a great place to start. Just getting the scope and organization on track alone is worth the price even if I or the web person changes it completely! Thanks."

{…}=start of section and {/…}=end of section. The sections are pre-defined. They are instantiated as labels with curly braces {LABEL}.

This SECTION is the 1st section and is the source code that the customer will receive as their website framework – along with enabling files. This section will result an output file commonly refered to as the HTML source code. This section has the [REPLACEABLE] to be replaced by a value submitted by the user/customer.

TITLE COLOR <input type=text name=TITLECLR value="[TITLECLR]"> <a href="javascript:TCP.popup(document.forms[‘colorform’].elements[‘TITLECLR’],0)"> <img width="15" height="13" border="0" title="title color" alt="Click Here to Pick up the color" src="sel.gif"></a><br><br>

prices must match the current listed prices by type. {CBPRICE} {/CBPRICE}do not use currency sign {CBTERMS}we abide by clickbank terms of sale{/CBTERMS} {CBID}clickbanknickname{/CBID} {CBPAYLINK}<a href=’http://STYLE.???’ target=’cb’><img src = ‘’></a>{/CBPAYLINK} ??? = earnshare or clickbanknickname depending on agreement

<!DOCTYPE ….> <HTML> <meta charset=’utf-8′> <script type="text/javascript" src="curvycorners.js"></script> <script src="activatables.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="tabs.css"/> <style type="text/css">div.inactive {display: none;}</style>

template names can be anything. The system appends the .tpl. All templates are placed into the space of the author.

{STYLE} {/STYLE} choices are simple, plus, wizard, combo, super {LANGUAGE} {/LANGUAGE} 2 character country code {REGPRICE} {/REGPRICE}This price is for non-affiliated promoted purchases. There are established minimum prices. Free is not one of them. Minimum prices may change from time to time. If you have a ClickBank prodid, then price must match what is registered at ClickBank. The price shown to the user is a reference to show the user what the price will be when "buy". {PRODID}{/PRODID}The item name that shows on receipt of purchase. example, PLUS website framework {REGTERMS}{/REGTERMS}example, digital products are not eligble for refunds Read more…

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