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Viral Bible – Make Your Ideas Go Viral

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Viral Bible - Make Your Ideas Go ViralClick Image To Visit SiteThe number one reason businesses fail is that they don’t get enough exposure. The Viral Bible is a video series and a book containing our method that anybody can use to get mass amounts of publicity and awareness. The program encompasses the basic concepts behind coming up with relevant ideas, the unique ways of thinking that make people and content highly shareable, and the controversial tricks that get people to tap into their desired markets. The series was created by two serial viral video and image producers who have a combined 20 years experience getting views in the tens of millions. Get the program now.

– 2+ hours of beautiful HD video – Core concepts you can immediately apply to your content creation – Tricks to implement when building and speaking to your audience – Tons of examples [MP4s]

– Examples from the video series in much greater detail – Tons of high quality photos – Further expansion of all the lessons – Forward and epilogue from the creators of the program [PDF]

– Full chapter detailing how to best take advantage of going viral your first time – Extra book expounding on this – One more video explaining the strategic decisions behind our favorite viral video [MP4s, PDF]

– Literally thousands of dollars saved on marketing by learning how to be more effective than top ad agencies – Understanding of how to better relate with your audiences -Tons of people sharing your content [Money]

YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS. Video series only OR video series and book w/ option to add bonuses, you decide.

We’re extremely committed to ensuring complete and total satisfaction for each one of our customers. You’re putting faith in us by letting us teach you this program, and we know that. We’re thankful for that and we’ve gone to every effort to give you the best experience possible. If, however, you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, give us a call- we have a sixty day 100% money back guarantee, and we’ll completely refund your purchase, no questions asked, and no hoops to jump through. We’re confident about this program and we want you to experience it. Get the program now.

We have been producing viral content since 2006, when we were putting up videos on the early days of YouTube. We’ve had many successes over the years, getting in the tens of millions of views, but have also had several failures. As a result we’ve had to learn what works and what doesn’t. Then, getting friends and collaborators at major platforms, such as YouTube, has given us important insider knowledge in continuing success. We’re here to teach you those lessons, which have taken us years to learn. Get the program now.

Most other viral content producers aren’t analytical and articulate enough to know exactly why they’re successful.

How many other marketing "experts" have gotten themselves tens of millions of views and global media exposure? And for those who have, how many have done it without huge budgets?

We’re available for all sorts of consultations. We have no problem teaching those who want to learn, in person.

Is this SEO? This is not search engine optimization in a sense that we’re teaching you how to alter your programming code to rank better on Google. However, the content creation concepts and tricks that we teach you will make it so that your ideas and messaging naturally rank higher. Search engine algorithms these days are sophisticated enough to now recognize quality more than ever. We teach you what people like and then the “hacks” to get your ideas out to the world.

Do I need a big social media following to utilize this program? No! In fact, this program is meant for people who would like to have a one off hit or several consistent hits that build a following. Nothing but the excitement to learn is required to benefit from this program.

Will I need to purchase expensive video equipment like lights or a professional camera? Nope! This video of ours had a budget of $27. We’ve also taken countless pictures totaling in the millions of the views with our smartphone cameras. We’ve made viral posts with nothing but our creativity and knowledge of the platforms we were posting on.

Do I have to know any programming? You have to know zero programming to take this program. None is required. This program teaches exactly what to do and then how to create. Our computer illiterate parents could make something go viral with what we teach.

What are you REALLY teaching? We are teaching you both practical knowledge that you can actively apply to your online content practices as well as deeper thought based practices to shift your way of thinking into a more viral state. Our insider tips and tricks are easy to comprehend and even easier to utilize. The thinking patterns we teach are effortlessly digestible. You’ll find yourself putting them into practice as soon as you begin thinking up your next idea.

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