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The Official Counter-Strike Pwnage Guide

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The Official Counter-Strike Pwnage GuideClick Image To Visit Site" [My] k:d ratio has improved and overall skill with the AK is above average. n00bs panic as I reign my one bullet headshots across long halls. Got used to the sweeps, I start from the body to the head. Overall headshots skyrocketed, I get em every time. "

"I had a private lesson today and have been going over everything that was said and i can see the improvement already, 80%+ headshots in the clans pub i play in (where as before it was like 20% lol) The way of doing things is so simple, its just knowing how to do them and being able to do them in hectic situations…. Thanks alot rew"

"I like that he really went deep into short a tactics and situations (dust2) along with some good m4a1 tactics to use. I’ll be practicing a lot with all of this and it was really helpful. I suggest you go schedule some of these lessons if you haven’t yet, they’re great!"

This Counter-Strike guide will increase your headshot (HS) percentage, Kill to death ratio(K:D), gun accuracy (ACC), reflexes and reaction time, gaming confidence, and your KILLER INSTINCTS. In short, it will give you True skills in CS.

Practice the techniques to develop your skills and see your rank increase dramatically in any ranking-enabled CS server today.

Know for a fact that you PWN 90% of the people you play in any server after reading this Counter-Strike guide.

Why struggle for hours to learn how to PWN when you can find out how immediately with The Pig’s Quick Video lessons and CS Pwnage Guide?

The feeling you will get when you know that you can hop into any server and FLAT out PWN everyone there is worth it. Believe it. Here is a quick run down of what the CS Pwnage Guide contains:

Hop In VIP Channel Of WoP’s Vent And Get Real Time Hints And Training From Pig and Payne.

Exclusive VIP Access To WoP Forums – Talk with CAL-M players, pick their brains, get instant help and feedback, get exclusive CAL-M match demos, strats, and support.

This is an instant download after payment. Registration key sent after manual review. Paypal, credit cards, etc are accepted.

World of Pwnage has partnered with TrialPay to bring you an exclusive opportunity to get the Official CS Pwnage Guide for Free. Click the get it free button below for details. Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:10 pm

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