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Tera Leveling Guide Leveling And Strategy Guide For The Exiled Realm Of Arborea!

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Tera Leveling Guide  Leveling And Strategy Guide For The Exiled Realm Of Arborea!Click Image To Visit SiteWelcome to the Eleos Guide, Tera (The Exiled Realm Of Arborea) is an EPIC MMORG! The game was a hit when it was released in Korea on January 25th 2011 and now it is upon us for the North American launch on May 1st 2012! If you are jumping into the world of Arborea for the first time you are in for a STEEP learning curve! Even if you have played other MMO’s, Tera is FAR different! For instance you have a combat system that actually involves you dodging attacks and using a real time battle system to score your victories. One of the BEST things about a new MMORG is joining in the race to level cap! I bet you have seen people in other MMORG’s reach level cap in JUST a few days? Well most people think that you need to sell your soul to the devil, spend eight hours a day on your computer and have a never ending supply of hot pockets to reach level cap fast! Then of course if you want the best items it means that you need to put countless hours in on the dungeons, PVP and basically let your REAL life go down the toilet! Well this is where Eleos guide comes in…

The Eleos Guide is a COMPLETE guide to TERA that will show you how to level all the way to 60 within 6 days playtime with maps, waypoints and quest walkthroughs! On top of this we also give you a complete guide to EVERY class so you will know how to get the most out of each class and become a deadly force! We also cover crafting and how you can get the best weapons and armor with ease to max out your toon! With our dungeon guide you will get a complete walkthrough of each dungeon that will give you the best drops and resources for crafting. The Eleos Guide is the TOP unofficial strategy guide for TERA!

TERA Leveling Guide We give you a complete leveling guide to TERA that will take you from level 1 to 60 with ANY class you choose. We also believe that following this leveling guide you will be able to reach level cap in just 6 DAYS! If you want to get off to a rip-roaring start and be one of the first to hit level 60 then this guide will help you do EXACTLY that! Maps & Points Of Interest We also give you a complete run-through of the locations in TERA and where you should be at any point to make sure you don’t get lost! Arborea is a HUGE place but with our in-depth maps and screenshots we will keep you leveling fast and more importantly having fun!

Class Guide With Builds And Rotations To be able to level fast you need to know how to use your class! We give you a COMPLETE walkthrough of ALL classes and races featuring each skill and how to use it as well as rotations so you can link those deadly combos together with ease! We also show you how to use the glyphs for each class and which ones you should go for that will compliment your skills! PVP Guide Another awesome feature of any MMO is PVP and our guide would not be complete without a complete guide to PVP and how to dominate the competition! We give you PVP rotations and a walkthrough of the best classes you can use to dominate PVP!

Crafting & Gathering Guide If you want to dominate TERA then you need to know which crafting and gathering skills you should pick for your class! Included with the Eleos guide is a complete guide to both crafting and gathering skills so you can be sure you are always armed to the teeth with the best weapons, armor and equipment! Gold Guide If you want to take the easy route and buy your way to the top we show you how to do this as well. Included with the guide is a gold guide that will give you the strategies you need to get gold fast as well on info that will tell you what you should sell and when. End Game You have got to level 60? Let us guide you through the end game content as we show you how to dominate the hardest dungeons, take on the most deadly BAM’s and win!

Video Guide To Go With Written Guides Eleos guide is the ONLY guide on the web to offer you a video series to go along with the written guides!

See how to use your class as we walk you through the pros and cons of each and you will be able to see them in action with our video guide.

We show you how to make gold with our video guides as well as show you some of the gear and weapons that you can get with ease.

We guide you through all crafting and gathering skills so you will not only be leveling fast but you will also make a lot of gold quickly!

Don’t settle for JUST a written guide – Eleos Guide gives you a video guide to go with the written guides!

Got to level 36 already in the space of 3 days using this guide and following your builds and rotations for the Berserker at the minute!

I am not new to MMO’s – I have actually swapped from SWTOR to Tera and wasn’t sure if this guide would help me…

We Are So Sure That You Will Love The Eleos Guide We Are Backing It Up With A Full 60 Day Guarantee:

P.S.S Eleos Guide Is The ONLY Tera Guide On The Web To Back Up The Written Guides With 1080p HD Videos!

Eleos Guide is in no ways related to, or affiliated with, or associated with, or endorsed by En Masse Entertainment, or Bluehole Studio Inc. "Tera… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:09 pm

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