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Teach English Online : Make money by teaching English online – How To Teach English Online

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Teach English Online : Make money by teaching English online - How To Teach English OnlineClick Image To Visit SiteYes…the 50% off sale ENDS SOON. Buy it before it’s too late. Hurry!

…how about teaching English online from your home computer because…

…you want a back-up plan if you lose your current job and paycheck and…

…you would like to put more money into your PayPal account NOW…right?

Make $20 -$30+ per hour by teaching English online. Discover how to find online students who often buy package deals of pre-paid lessons. You can sell 10 lessons to a student in Japan or Korea and instantly get $300.00 or more!

Learn the easiest way to give successful (and profitable) 15 minute trial lessons on Skype to potential students. If you want to make money, knowing how to conduct your trial lesson is essential…read on…

…and knowing how to keep your paying students coming again and again is paramount to a predicable income. Many students are apt to pay you $100 to $200 a month on average. Imagine your income from 20 repeat students!

Finally, gaining a clear understanding on how to organize your personal online English school is crucial if you want to save time, money, and headaches. Take advantage of the author’s successes and setbacks. CONTINUE ON…

With them I taught English to Japanese students from all over Japan by using a computer and the Internet. For myself, I paid attention, learned a lot, and eventually adapted a working strategy that paid nicely.

The Nova corporation was huge. They had over 500,000 students at one time and maintained about 4,000 teachers. Most of the teachers however worked at the brick and mortar schools doing face-to-face lessons. I, however, worked in what was called the Multimedia Center with a few hundred other teachers.

I did all of my teaching with a webcam, microphone and their special software. The setup was pretty neat because it allowed me to show pictures, play audio recordings, write with a typing tool, as well as the ability to draw with colors.

Pretty cool! I got paid to sit and talk and teach English and draw funny pictures for students.

After I got to Japan, I was blown away by how much money students were paying on average for a 40 minute one-on-one private lesson over the Internet.

About $70.00 for one 40 minute English lesson was the average! My eyebrows flew off my face when I heard that number.

Wouldn’t you like to charge that to your private students if you had the opportunity?

It didn’t take long before Skype came along and made itself known to me. Finally the technology was good enough to give people the opportunity to talk with each other from most parts of the world with an Internet connection. Learning that some people will pay intriguing sums of money in order to practice their English with natural English speakers was wildly exciting.

I was confident I could find my own paying students and then say GOODBYE to Nova. I became happily obsessed with the idea.

So after a lot of thinking, planning, and researching, I created my very own business/school. My first paying online English student lived in Korea while I taught her online English from my shoe box sized apartment in Osaka.

Soon more students started signing up. Students seeking English came knocking at my virtual door for English conversations and English lessons. By the way, teaching English online to Koreans and Japanese became very profitable.

But it wasn’t as easy as turning on a facet in which students poured to me like crazy. I had to create a website, market myself, and experiment with a lot of trial and error marketing strategies.

Eventually the bugs were worked out and an online student base formed from all over the world that paid every month by PayPal.

Nova eventually got too big and greedy to handle itself. It had to declare bankruptcy. This really hurt. But it didn’t kill me.

They never paid its teachers for one and a half months worth of salary. And I never got my two weeks of vacation I had coming. So I missed out on around $5,000.

Luckily, my English school on Skype still pumped out money. At the time I was only teaching part time, but once Nova stopped paying everyone, I kicked things up a notch by teaching full time. And then I made more money.

I thought my job with a boss was safe and secure; I was wrong.

Thousands of English teachers suffered that year. It would have been nice if they had had a self-made online English school running. This is partly what motivated me in writing the e-book, How To Teach English Online and Get Money.

Opening your own online English school will give you the security of knowing that you are fully in control of your destiny. This means that you won’t have to worry if you’re going to get laid off or if you can’t find a good job in the future.

And with this current global economy, it’s best to make and save as much money as possible. Teaching English online will supplement your income so you’ll be secure!

Why am I willing to teach you the secrets on creating a successful online English school by using Skype?

A typical day of Nova usually involved teaching 8 lessons everyday for 40 minutes at a time. Some lessons were one-on-one yet many were group lessons with up to 3 students.

Giving lessons on the computer involved a webcam, and so I felt like I had to smile and "be fun" a lot. I always had new students everyday, so going through the traditional introductions involved a lot of smiling.

So after a couple of years, meeting and teaching anywhere from 8 to 24 new students a day, this resulted in thousands of new faces that required I be animated. A big part of the job at Nova… Read more…

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