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Wipe My Drive – Erase Hard Drive Data Permanently

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Wipe My Drive - Erase Hard Drive Data PermanentlyClick Image To Visit SiteDeleting files by emptying them from the Recycle Bin, formatting the hard drive will not delete the files and folders permanently. The actual fact is that the information in these files is still very much existent and it is possible to recover all these files by using any file recovery software. However, to permanently erase any file or to wipe hard disk completely you need to make use of the best Drive Wipe software.

As we all know, nothing is safe in this world and usage of computer & laptops for storing confidential information is becoming common. Whenever user want to sell out their data storage devices like HDD, USB drive, memory card, etc. they just delete the files or format the drives. After performing this task, they think the entire information is erased permanently, but it is not true. Anyone can revive that data by using any file recovery tool and used that confidential information for making money. If you don’t want to face such miserable situation in your life, then Wipe My Drive is the best solution. It overwrites the data by garbage values and if anyone can try to recover it using any file recovery utility will get only junk values.
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Written by Jason

July 13th, 2015 at 8:12 pm