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How to Build Your Own Sheet Metal Brake

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How to Build Your Own Sheet Metal BrakeClick Image To Visit SiteThis brake will hold up to a 6 foot wide piece of .040 aluminum and make a nice bend. These are step by step plans with over 30 photos. This is not just a couple of drawings and a parts list Complete step by step instruction for building your own brake. Plans include detailed materials list, drawings and lots of photos to guide you thru building a successful working sheet metal brake. The materials needed to build this tool can be purchased at your local steel distributor for under $50. The sheet metal brake plans are written in a e-book format to easily be setup on your computer. Study the plans with color photos in the comfort of your home at your PC. You can even print the pages to take to the shop and build your new sheet metal brake. I myself enjoy circle track racing and race weekly during the racing season. I know and understand the weekly maintenance needed to keep your car in top condition. Replacing body panels can be quite expensive if you have to buy ready made panels. Owning your own sheet metal brake makes it possible for you to create your own and save big bucks. This sheet metal brake was designed for racers by a racer. You can’t go into heating duct making business with this brake but you can keep your car looking great. I have used mine for the last 8 years and it still works great. At one time I mass produced these brakes and shipped them nation wide, even sent a couple to Hawaii. Download Today and build tonight! Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 7:56 pm

Boat Plans – Plans4Boats – sailboat, wooden,plywood,aluminum,dory,canoe and dinghy plans

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Boat Plans - Plans4Boats - sailboat, wooden,plywood,aluminum,dory,canoe and dinghy plansClick Image To Visit SiteM y name is Daniel Holden and I’ve been building boats for more than 20 years. Generations upon generations of boat building knowledge is the legacy that was passed to me by my ancestors. I have actual insight in the boat design that was used to grace the waters of Denmark with wooden boats for centuries. The plans offered here on this website are based upon my many years of boat building experience- youll find no better source of information and proven boat plans anywhere on the internet. Imagine the awesome feeling of riding on the water on a sunny afternoon in the beautiful boat you built and people crane their necks just so they can get a good look at your boat.

…you can save a whole lot of cash by building a Dinghy from scratch, using a good set of plans like Plans4Boats. I bought my own materials as listed and spent $1,600 less than what I would expect to pay from a ready-made factory boat…
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November 23rd, 2014 at 7:12 am