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Systemlays Betting Club Home PageClick Image To Visit SiteWe generated 458 points over the last 9 months. that’s £4,580 for a conservative £10 pounds per point, and £45,800 for £100 pounds per point!

My name is Shane and I live in Australia. I am an avid punter and use a number of services, both in Australia and the UK. In August last year I came across System Lays, a UK-based company offering a number of selection services. I joined in late August, started betting in September and have been using the service ever since.

The 3 parts of the service I use are Phantom Lays, Laytastic and Super Tips Max. Phantom Lays is currently up 24 points after just 10 days of July. June was 53 pts in profit and since September 2013, I am up a total of 143 points, having missed quite a number of profitable days in that time due to my own movements, not being here at the time selections come through and that type of thing.

Super Tips Max is a win only betting service that bets at Level Stakes on each selection. I am up over 135 pts since September 2013 with this service.

Laytastic is another Lay betting service and is up around 117 pts since September 2013. You bet level stakes to a maximum odds range. It is another one that can be automated using The Bet Engine.

I would have no hesitation recommending System Lays to anyone looking for a quality service that includes win, each way and lay betting. The cost is so ludicrously cheap when compared to other single services available on the web. The new website is very easy to navigate and the customer service is very prompt to reply if there is some assistance required.

I thought you might be pleased and interested to hear that due to Super Tips Max – Stan James have closed my account with them.

I use a number of bookmakers to back Super Tips Max and last Saturday I backed all 19 to win with Stan James. The result was a profit of 6 points and an Email from Stan James – Closing my account.

When I asked Stan James to explain why they had closed the account – their answer was as follows:

“In respect to the closure of your account. When reviewing the account it is not profit and loss alone that is taken into account when making decisions such as closing or restricting.

Of course as a bookmaker we expect clients to both win and lose. You are beating prices by large margins on horse racing. so of the 23 horse bets you have made since opening the account 15 of them have gone of at a shorter price by varying percentages.

The size of the stake is irrelevant somewhat but as in all business we are in the industry to make profit and our trading department feel that in the long term, with your particular betting patterns they will struggle to do so with this account.”

The System Lays Betting Club was actually recommended to me a few months ago by a friend who was using the BB Bets, Phantom Lays and Super Tips Max services to good effect. To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts about whether those services would be right for me, but I decided to give them a go for a month and I’m glad I did.

In my first month, May 2014, the ‘back only’ tips provided by the BB Bets service generated a profit of 41.01 points, or £410.10 to a fairly modest £10 stake. That was enough, by itself, to pay my monthly subscription fee many times over. Super Tips Max generated a further 26.47 points profit and, although Phantom Lays recorded small 3.57 point loss, I was well and truly in the black.

If one service experiences a losing run, you can continue betting safe in the knowledge that at least one of the other services will remain profitable and compensate for any losses.

I still enjoy the challenge of flogging through the form book when I have time but, even when I don’t, I’m happy to let the folks at System Lays Betting Club do the ‘donkey work’ for me.

I am completely comfortable with recommending the System Lays Betting Club to anyone who is looking for a good ROI on a ready made betting portfolio.

I honestly cannot speak for ALL the services provided by System Lays, because I only ever use the ‘Phantom Lays’ service.

I honestly CAN say it’s the BEST lay service I’ve ever used. Sure, there’s the occasional dip; but overall my bank just increases month on month.

I’m just your average punter. I bet for fun, not to make a living. (I have a job that I actually quite like, and it pays the bills, with a little left over to bet a bit).

I don’t keep detailed records of bets placed, won or lost; or any stats that ‘proper’ bettors probably do.

I don’t use a ‘bot. I just log-in each morning and lay what’s advised. Like I said, I’m not a pro punter. I’m more of the ‘stick a quid on, see what happens’ type. That said, (and honestly, this is a guess), I probably make £50 – £100 quid a month ‘pocket money’ without trying.

The selections are published in our members area that you can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is also a possibility to get them daily via email.

The selections are published and sent every day by 12:00 GMT (UK time). Some backing selections will appear in the evening before the races to give you the chance of betting on earlier prices.

This is an internet based service and it will work from any device with an internet connection, your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No. The service uses a variety of… Read more…

Written by Jason

July 13th, 2015 at 4:31 pm

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