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special offer home - trafficleadsconversionClick Image To Visit SiteTLC is a video course to help small businesses with their online & internet marketing strategies to create more Traffic, Leads and Conversions.

You’ll learn how to organise your workflow from mind mapping ideas to finding & distributing interesting content for your social media networks.

You will see some free and some very low cost tools which will increase your productivity, save time and increase your profitability.

Find out how to outsource your work to professionals from around the world who are affordable to hire.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the world’s largest store for ebooks. Learn how to publish your 1st ebook. It is so simple you won’t believe it!

Would you like to place your ads on websites like CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable? See how the clever marketeers use an underground network of exchanges to place their ads at low costs.

Did you know You Tube is the 3rd largest website and the 2nd largest search engine in the world? Are you leveraging the most from this free website for your business?

Would you like to make a residual income on a recurring basis for little or no work? Find out how to monetize your email, blog and your website.

No time for promoting your services, products or business on the social media? Learn a super fast way to create engaging content and then distributing it on major networks.

Proud dad of 3 and happily married to Farzana. Cricket mad and Chelsea FC fan. Live & work in Leighton Buzzard, UK. I’m a professional photographer for over 12 years. I’ve presented seminars, workshops & online training for most major photographic brands at major events, trade shows & conventions in UK & Europe.

“Following nearly 20 years of working with one of the ‘big two’ camera companies, I started my own business recently. With no website and knowledge of any online activity & social media, I turned to Oz. He not only created my website, but I now understand things like keywords, WordPress, how to create content for my website, drive traffic to my website and very soon we’ll be starting our email marketing campaigns. I would highly recommend Oz and how he teaches in simple yet effective manner.”

Colin Inglis, Suffield Imaging Consultant to Westcott, JP Distribution, Sekonic, Pocket Wizard, Kata, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Lexar

How to keyword research using Google and why keyword research is critical to attracting targeted traffic to your website.

Do you know how small or big your niche or market is? Learn how many unique visitors are searching for your product or service each month.

We all want our websites to be ranked no.1 on page 1 of Google. Learn how to find out the number of competitors you have and the strengths of your competitors’ websites.

Before starting any project, campaign, product or anything new, you must have a mind map so you and your co-workers know what you want to do. Mind mapping will improve your communications and your workflow saving costs & time.

Most people think of Google just as a search engine. Wrong. Google offers over 150 products of which most of them are free. Learn how to transform your business with Google Apps.

Learn how to plan & communicate with your co-workers and outsourcers. Keep everything organised from managing projects to workflow updates using simple tools

Find some of the most talented professionals from around the world and outsource your tedious and boring jobs, so you work on your business and not in your business.

Start your email marketing, set up your campaigns, create & give away free content and build your list. Set up your email marketing on auto-pilot, you will learn all about broadcasting & auto responders.

Publish your 1st ebook on Amazon and show the world your expertise and know how. It’s so simple you won’t believe it!!

For every advertising campaign, you need a dedicated landing page. Learn how to convert your leads into prospects or customers using a landing page.

Learn how to monetize your marketing emails, website, blogs and the social media. It is pretty much making money while you sleep no matter which business you’re in.

Want to put up your ads on websites like CNN, Mashable, Vogue, or any other major website? Learn how you can set up campaigns, optimise it for higher conversions and then scale it as high as you want.

Most business owners don’t have any time, let alone trying to update social media platforms every day. Learn how to search and look for interesting content to share and set it up acrtoss all your platforms in one go. This will save you hours on end!

“I thought the layout of this course is excellent and the videos are explained very well and are very easy to follow. I like the fact that the software advice is included and the instruction is set from the perspective of a business that may grow to several employees, rather than a one man band which many other courses are focussed on. Uzair sets the groundwork for a larger business model.”

“I’ve known Oz for over 5 years and can categorically say that if you would like to learn all about online marketing, have a close look at TLC as the content is great and taught in short video tutorials that are both easy to follow & understand. Oz really does know what he is talking about and always goes the extra mile to give great customer experience. If you follow what he tells you, the results will follow.”

“I’ve just finished the first 2 modules and I have found them so helpful. It amazes me how you keep coming up with new and fresh ways to help us photographers. Thanks Oz.”

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July 13th, 2015 at 4:50 pm

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