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Secrets to Homeschool Group Success

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Secrets to Homeschool Group SuccessClick Image To Visit Site"Gain Happy Volunteers, Active Members and More Precious Time and Energy with these Simple, Proven Steps. . ."

Extra Offer: Amazing Mini-Course to . . .”Discover 4 Proven Ways to Successfully Avoid the Top Traps that Trip Up Homeschool Group Leaders Every Time.”

. . .from two veteran leaders who uncovered these hidden gems and are sharing their hindsight wisdom with leaders everywhere.

To discover just how many homeschool group leaders agonize over getting their members to become more actively involved in their support groups. A whopping one-third of our readers want to know how to motivate parents to attend events regularly, to share the workload, to keep their word, and to get out of the “give-me” mode.

Even as we began speaking to homeschool group leaders at workshops, we discovered that there is nothing new under the sun—everyone is dying to know how to inspire members to willingly contribute to the life of the group.

Then it dawned on us. Why not take our combined years of leadership experience, distill them down to the very essence of what works for us and for others and put it into a power-packed resource that would skyrocket results for homeschool leaders who want to inspire their members to participate regularly and joyfully? Out of a desire to help you, this e-book, One By One: The Homeschool Group Leader’s Guide to Motivating Your Members, was born.

I absolutely loved this book! It is a MUST read for all homeschool leaders. There are so many great ideas all in one place, this book answers the questions that leaders so often ask and offers the encouragement homeschooling leaders need. This book is well thought-out, well written and a joy to read. Kristen and Denise’s kindness and compassion comes across in their writing. We need more servant leaders in our homeschool groups and churches – these ladies tell you step-by-step exactly how to be a servant leader. Be sure to share the concepts in this book with your teenagers, it is a crash course in leadership with tips that will truly make a difference in your life and theirs.

“Do you ever feel like the Lone Ranger, but dream of an army of volunteers to come riding gallantly in on white horses to save you from frustration, fatigue and burn out?”

Leaders like you, who have a servant heart and a steadfast commitment to quality education and values, are the backbone of a growing educational revolution that is spreading the globe.

Here in America and around the world, more than 2 and a half million children are educated at home, with the vast majority of those parents seeking an innovative support group just like yours.

And we both also know that if you are trying to do everything yourself, you won’t last long in leadership.

We are here to say that you are too valuable to ride off into the sunset too soon. One By One has come to your rescue just in the nick of time. We reveal hidden treasures that teach leaders how to spur their members on toward willingly participating in the activities of the group and doing what they say they’ll do.

The tips and truths revealed in One By One will help you fall in love with leading homeschoolers—over and over again—and will help keep that fire of enthusiasm burning brightly for as long as you serve.

"One by One is a book that every homeschool leader needs, but does not realize the need until it is too late! Every leader has difficulty motivating members or getting volunteers, but they only ask for help when it’s too late and they are tired, frustrated and want to quit! Instead, leaders should read Kristen and Denise’s very practical and encouraging book. Inside you will find the three secrets to successfully motivating every member and then practical, real-life ways to apply those skills to everyone from moms to teenagers. I especially appreciated the true stories of how Kristen & Denise implemented everything they suggest. They know their stuff and have a heart to share what they know with others. Take some of the advice, share it with your fellow leaders, apply it and you will find happier members, a more relaxed leader and a successful group!"

~Carol Topp, Homeschool and author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out

80+ idea-packed pages—Generate all the volunteer help you need by embracing and applying the principles shared in One By One that will lay a strong motivation foundation.

Two Experienced Coaches—We teach you, play-by-play, how to relate to each type of homeschooler in your group. It’s like having us right next to you, coaching you through every move and cheering you on.

Biblically Based—This project has been prayed over from start to finish. We have a passion for helping leaders like you reach your full potential by encouraging you to follow Christ as your Visionary Leader.

Practical Strategies for Relating to All Types of Members—From the shy mom to the occasional dad to the aloof teen to the experienced homeschool parent, and many others, we teach you proven ways to draw them each into your group, tap into their natural talents and watch them shine.

Leader Tips and Stories—Real-life experiences from homeschool group leaders like you who’ve had success with inspiring their members are shared for you to enjoy and learn from.

Shortens the Learning Curve—This e-guide saves you the pain of wearing yourself too thin and losing valuable time making mistakes. It is designed to help you feel confident that you will have methods that work and can motivate people to action right from the get-go.

Adds Hours to Your Day—When you’re not having to do all the grunt and dirty work yourself, you will have extra time in your days to enjoy what you… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

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