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SAP Training Videos For SAP Education, SAP Certification And SAP Career

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SAP Training Videos For SAP Education, SAP Certification And SAP CareerClick Image To Visit SiteMore so, in the SAP consulting industry you can choose to work as a contractor after certain number of years of experience. SAP contract consultants with SAP certification can charge almost $1,000 per day in developed markets like USA/UK/Europe. The reason for this is because big corporates think that this amount of money is nominal to hire a contractor because consulting firms will charge triples that amount. It is like direct purchase from the factory as you often hear in the logistics environment. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both the SAP contractors and big corporations. If you enjoy working hard and have ambition, you could retire early.

SAP is a large scale accounting software (also known as Enterprise Resource Planning) used by very big corporations and it is very vast and complex. It contains a lot of modules, such as Financials, Logistics, human resources and all modules are fully integrated. The following are some major modules available in SAP :

Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies are operating using SAP. The big 5 consulting firms are having dedicated SAP verticals with thousands of consultants as part of their consulting services. Therefore you stand a good chance to work with these giant multinationals as an SAP consultant. Another important thing to understand is, unlike popular myth that SAP consulting is only for the Accountants, professionals from all sort of backgrounds can actually become an SAP consultant based on their own educational background; for example, Accountants can opt for FI/CO module, Procurement specialist can go for MM module, Sales professionals can choose SD module, IT professionals can choose ABAP or Basis and etc.

However, there is a steep learning curve challenge that most people face with an SAP career because this ERP software is one of the hardest to learn among all software applications in the world. In the past, many beginners have struggled to get a hang of SAP and in some worst cases, they have also quit trying to study SAP simply because of its complexity. One must understand that SAP is like a deep ocean with lots of unexplored territory where until and unless you are a strong and determined person, you can never master it. Therefore, for many beginners SAP education has always been a nightmare for ages. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to go through SAP education for many of it’s benefits instead of getting on the job SAP training.

However, today we can announce that this awful learning experience can be showcased as a thing of the past because after many years of careful research and analysis of all available SAP training materials, we at ERPTraining9 have succeeded in creating the easiest and most user friendly teaching method to study SAP. The method we use is teaching SAP using some detailed training videos with the live SAP screens in action. Our SAP training videos will explain to you why you need to do certain things in SAP in a scientific way and not just by instructing you to do those things, which we believe is the easiest and best possible way to learn SAP because any new comer can understand and remember things much better if the person knows the concepts behind certain system functions than the functions itself.

The problem with old methods of teaching SAP is, these methods were teaching SAP concepts at face value without even explaining the students what are the concepts behind the functions of SAP. This has made the students following a string of button clicks without even understanding how all these screens and functions inter-connect with each other to understand the concepts in a holistic way. After the end of such old training courses, the students will have the knowledge of a clerk and not the knowledge of an Accountant so to speak. However our intention is to make you to get the knowledge of an Accountant and not the clerical staffs. Therefore we have made it clear at the very beginning that, we should not repeat the same mistakes and should instead make our students understand a very key thing before the start of each SAP topic, which is – How will the world be without that particular SAP function? This is to say that, if SAP has not provided that function what problems will an organization face? Once we succeed in making the students understand the real life problems without the existence of a particular SAP function, the students will be in a much better position to understand and follow through rest of the training of that particular function.

For example, to explain one of the SAP’s topic of recording Sales returns, the first approach our trainers will take is to explain to the students what will happen if SAP has not provided such a function to enter the Sales returns? The trainer will question the viewers in the video, what happens when the customer returns the goods, how can we inform the system that the customer has returned the goods. By raising such teaser questions, the students will themselves start thinking, "Oh yes, there must a special screen to enter these returns details when the customer returns the goods and we cannot use the same invoice screen to store this information because this is something different." Our objective is, by making the students to realize the need to have a particular function, we can introduce that function in a better way than just introducing the function out of the blue. You may agree that with our method, the students will be more welcoming to understand any new SAP functions.

Secondly we have opted to use videos over printed materials because there are definitely many added advantages in using videos over printed materials for software trainings like this. Using videos you can actually repeat the training as many times as you want until you understand the subject matter. Videos with live SAP screens also provide real life class room training experience… Read more…

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