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Real Estate Flipper Says: Real Estate Investing Is About To See The Biggest Game Changer Since REIT’S Were Invented

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Real Estate Flipper Says: Real Estate Investing Is About To See The Biggest Game Changer Since REIT'S Were InventedClick Image To Visit SiteWell most Real Estate seminar coaches want you to believe that your real estate dreams will come true thanks to their state-of-the art high-priced coaching. They tell you that you can learn everything in a weekend with them and get you to come to an event where you will be upsold to pay $20,000 or more for 1-on-1 coaching.

But Andrew Greer — who is very familiar with these companies and probably knows more about the subject of how to flip houses than anyone- has a different take.

"Why are people paying such insane amounts of money on coaching when they could be using that same amount of money to market for property?"

Please Note: Andrew is not "against" these coaching programs because they do work for some people, but he is not technically for them either….

Instead, he might actually be the worlds first crusader for major reform of the current Real Estate "seminar" and coaching industry.

You see, Andrew is not only an expert Real Estate Flipper and Developer who has made millions of dollars for himself and his partners, but he is also an author, a speaker, and a mentor to all those who come in contact with him.

And right now, Andrew Greer says that although few people realize it, we are on the verge of literally "flipping an industry" on its head. Those who can’t follow suit quick enough, will be left in the dust. In His words…

"In today’s online community, education in all aspect of life is easily accessible and affordable to everyone so it should be the same for flipping houses. And It will be."

In other words, real estate is far behind on the technology front and Andrew is here to change that. The way people are taught, learn, collaborate, invest…. everything will soon change.  

"What people need is a real estate mentoring program that is priced affordably, allows members to go at their own pace, collaborates as a benefit to everyone involved and gives students the option to learn in the comfort of their own home- But in the meantime all they need to do is read my book" …

Now, ifyou believe all real estate coaching programs are the same…and every coach out there is just out to take money from people, Andrew Greer says you should pay attention to a few simple facts:

But what we do offer you is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can check it out for yourself for 60 days… and if within that time frame you decide this is not for you, you can ask for a refund, no questions ask, and we can part as friends.

If you don’t want to work with us, we don’t want to hold you hostage, and we won’t hold your money hostage either.

The point of all this is that now, if you are interested in learning how to flip homes but you can’t or wont break the bank to do so- you can. This is an affordable solution that is available to everyone.

That is why I am urging you to take a chance on Andrew’s book and make your flipping business successful.

And I firmly believe that the best first step you can take to ensure the highest probability of success in real estate is to read Andrew’s book titled "Flipping Your Thoughts On Flipping".

His system in the book will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to flip houses – and no other book comes close to helping you truly understand and prepare for house flipping like this one.

*In Fact I like this book so much that I convinced Andrew to arrange a way for you to get a copy BEFORE his mentorship program launches AND to save you a spot in the private group.

And you are guaranteed a spot in the mentorship class, if you want one. No obligation to move forward with that.

Thereason this book is a requirement for the future mentorship program is because Andrew wants you to have the ABSOLUTE best possible chance of succeeding, and he needs you to be in the same mindset as him for you to do so.   

This will shorten the learning curve and result in you taking action in a much shorter period of time. 

After reading Andrew’s book we called him to ask if we could collaborate ideas and if he could write up even more specific systems for Flippers to use on a daily basis.

We realize that there is much more to success in Real Estate than just teaching you how to flip houses. That’s why when you invest in this product today, you will also get a copy of "Rigging Your Mind For Rich" and the "Rigging Your Mind for Rich" bonuses.

The "Rigging Your Mind for Rich" package will set you up for success in all area’s of your life and is a blue-print to wealth and on how to get rich in any industry.

Everything you need to know about investing in multi-family properties. This is what you want to do once you make your money. Everyone needs a place to live, and every single multi-millionaire invests in rental real-estate. This is the Blue-Print to everything you need to know about this niche.

Andrew will give you the exact deal analyzer he uses, so you can analyze deals like a professional flipper. The value of this is obvious. Enough said.

This is the blueprint of the system you will need to estimate repairs on houses you walk through. How much does a roof cost? how about paint, carpet, an electrical box, a/c… etc. This report has you covered.

This is a copy and paste template you can use that will make sellers jump at your offer, and beg you to purchase their property. I guarantee you no one else is using this formula in real estate.

This is… Read more…

Written by Jason

July 13th, 2015 at 4:50 pm

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