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ebook new page - TwoHaveFunClick Image To Visit SiteTwoHaveFun is a colorful ebook full of unique activities for couples which will bring more creativity, more excitement, more fun, and much more laughter into your romantic relationship.

TwoHaveFun is about helping you to create shared fun experiences. To do so, first we selected activities which helped us create our shared experiences. Then, we wrote them in a detailed and easy to read way, added funny illustrations to get you into the atmosphere.

For each of the 30 activities in this collection we wrote tips so you could make the best out of it, added the “Did You Know” part of interesting facts, and last but not least – the “Icing on the cake” part, which explains the benefits to yourselves and to your relationship by doing the activity, to motivate you to do it, even if it looks childish.

All this pretty bundle will encourage you and lift your spirits towards having a great time together.

Some of the activities are childish,  like “Wrestling” which is a friendly wrestling match with special rules and “Wild Winds”, which is something you’ll do ONLY when there is no-one around….

Others are more romantic, like “Royal Pampering Shower”, where one of you will get.. a royal pampering shower! Some will pull you right out of your comfort zone, like “Blind Faith”, where one of you will walk blindfolded, and “Wandering” which will take you to places you have never been to before in your city.

Some may take a few minutes, like “The Talk”, where you both speak Gibberish, and others may take an entire morning or afternoon, like “Guerilla”, which will lead you to create a guerilla garden. Some you can do at home, some outdoors and others even in a party.

We believe, that investing in a relationship can be fun, exciting,and inexpensive. We believe you can gain better communication, openness, trust, playfulness and intimacy, just by creating new fun experiences with the one you love.

We hope this book will warm your hearts and relationships, and open them to new ideas and experiences.

I really enjoyed this book. It has fun ideas that I think will help foster the kind of trust and communication my husband and I are wanting to continue to develop.

A fresh take on relationship building, this book is full of great ideas for couples who want to have fun together. Very creative and inspiring – I’d recommend it to every couple!

Escape adult routines and jump into this juicy,exciting book. Fun and creative playfulness guaranteed!

There comes a point in any relationship, being it a marriage or long term relationship, that someone starts to doubt the strength of their bond. This has been happening to me lately. I felt like I was in a rut. Same thing day after day. I’m all for routine, but it was killing my relationship. I didn’t want to talk to friends or family, because I don’t want to hear how their relationships compared to my own. I came across this book on my kindle. So I purchased the book and snuggled in for some R&R and some knowledge and I was not disappointed. The advice in the book is good but the real magic and fun happens when you download it. It is filled with fun and romantic ideas of how to make both you and your partner feel wonderful. In the short time it took to read the book, I gradually felt my spirits lifting. The pointer and tips just seemed to make sense. Even though this was all common sense things, I needed an outsider to bring them to me.

We invite you to add a boost of fun to your relationship, by giving you a taste of TwoHaveFun – for free! We combined proven ideas with unique activities and created a light and easy challenge you and your partner can do together. Are you up for it? Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 11:58 pm

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