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clicksellspage - SolidfaceClick Image To Visit Site> Generate 3D printer files ( .OBJ / .STL ) with perfect quality results. > Communicate with the majority of CAM software’s. > Make parts creation using CSV (Excel files association) or TXT table files. > Communicate with other applications through the Windows ® clipboard.

> Speeds design development and detailing. > Improves visualization and communication. > Eliminates design interference issues. > Checks design functionality and performance. (without the need for physical prototypes)

Invest a little every month and receive a full license without subscription or maintenance fees. Whenever we launch new updates or upgrade you get it for free.

Here you can choose to invest one time and have a full license without subscription or maintenance. Every year when we launch new version you can upgrade or not.

> Communication with other CAD software via standard X_T®, X_B®, DWG®, DXF®, BMP, etc; > 3D history construction tree and direct command editing; > Associative dimension and fully adapted to a number of standards; > Geometric operations and editing through direct entity or feature tree selection > Parametric and associative geometric construction references such as midpoint, center of arcs and circles, endpoint, etc; > Definition of parametric variables via commands, questions, or variable tables; > Logical conditions If-then-else; > Parametric generation of bill of materials with associative link with Excel® and Access®;

Interact directly with the geometry of the model. Manipulate it by pushing, pulling, or twisting. Keeping the steps that create the final model, direct modelling allows the features geometry to be parametric modified by editing the feature used to create the new faces.

One of the many capabilities of logical conditions is to enable the system to detect the collision of components assembly. The collision or the simulation process can be aborted and analyzed at any time. This makes possible not just a simple mechanism video demonstration but also a real-time movement simulation.

The parameterization capability is one of the greatest advantages of SolidFace and it is present in all design steps. 3D Motion simulation is no different; the simulation is updated simultaneously with the movement. Another important capability is the simulation of 2D mechanisms, which can be performed either in 2D drawing or in 3D sketch module.

Adding videos that can help our users achieve a better understanding about our CAD software and its features. We are always seeking SolidFace content. If you have videos about our product let us know and we can publish it on the channel. If you have your own channel and want to partner up, let us know!

The idea to create SolidFace CAD software arose with the increasing number of searches for 3D CAD technology. We saw an opportunity for a new business model. Solidface was develop to address the following key points: reliability, affordability, compatibility, user friendliness and excellence in support service. Several members of our team have more than 17 years’ experience in software development and consulting focused in CAD plus technical experience in many countries like Germany, Italy, Brazil, etc.

We feel that our partnership with companies and prospective supporters needs to focus on two important elements: excellent collaboration and transparency. We want to have sustainable partnerships ensuring that long-term visions and corporate objectives are met. We value such relationships and endeavor to maintain satisfied corporate partners within a healthy, long-term relationship. Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 8:12 pm

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