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Burn Belly Fat VSL Modern $47 – New Version2 – Yoga For Belly Fat

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Burn Belly Fat VSL Modern $47 - New Version2 - Yoga For Belly FatClick Image To Visit SiteImagine waking up every day feeling lighter and more vibrant than the day before, giving yourself the gift of a strong lean body!

Ignite your internal fire to burn off the deadly visceral fat that surrounds your inner organs, and clean your body from the inside out!

Take advantage of what took us years of trial and errors. The Chain Training Formula ignites your body’s natural fat burning systems for permanent belly fat loss!

Don’t worry, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of it for you, and meticulously planned the entire sequence for you! The Yoga For Belly Fat Workout Guide gives you the step-by-step plan of daily workouts, so you can track progress as the pounds fly off, and you feel younger with each passing day!

Take us for a test drive for a full 60 days. If you don’t see a profound belly fat transformation in the first two months, or if you don’t fir back into those jeans that have been collecting dust, or if you are, for whatever reason, not totally satisfied….

Years ago, Matt Gagnon had ballooned up to a whopping 275 lbs, and he thought to himself, "something has to change". He decided, in that moment, to devote his life to health and longevity, and studied every type of fitness he could get his hands on. Over years of study and practice, Matt noticed a particular type of movement that can burn belly fat faster than any magic pills or bulky equipment.

He crafted a custom belly fat workout routine, centered around the fundamental postures of yoga, that had his students seeing slimmer waistlines and feeling 15 years younger. He knew he had discovered something that could help people around the world get their confidence back, and he put it all together in this one comprehensive system.

“Practicing yoga with Matt keeps you on the edge; safe enough where you feel comfortable, yet daring where you feel challenged and inspired for what is next. He has a powerful ability to verbalize and break down even the most challenging poses to students of all levels. His fun, playful attitude is rooted with an extensive knowledge of the body when it comes to burning fat!”

“Since I started attending his classes over a year ago, I have seen a complete transformation in my yoga practice and made huge gains in my strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. His playful approach to this dynamic and challenging practice has kept me coming back again!”

“I always thought of myself as an athlete. Even through medical school and residency I was able to keep in shape by running. But after a back injury and a baby, plus working 50 hours a week as a physician, I was having a really hard time getting back into shape. I was struggling in yoga classes until I took Matt’s class. He was one of the few yoga teachers who seemed to really understand the body. The baby belly came off and I wasn’t spending nearly as many hours as I had before trying to get and keep in shape!”

This is the most common misconception in all of yoga, and I totally understand why you may have believed this in the past. The media sensationalizes the big scary poses, simply because they are more impressive to look at. In reality, 99% of people are not flexible when they start a yoga routine. When I started, I couldn’t even bend over and touch my toes. The practice of yoga teaches your body to open up over time, so even the stiffest of people can gain more mobility with a regular routine.

What’s great about the Yoga For Belly Fat system is that provide modifications for almost all of the postures. Even a true beginner who is working on upper body strength can still use our system. For example, if you can’t do a full push-up with only your hands and feet on the ground, try dropping down to your knees to lessen the weight distribution. It’s these types of tips that have our beginner students seeing remarkable body transformations one step at a time.

Again, the sensationalized "yoga body" is something Matt and I hear about all the time. This isn’t about getting you on the cover of a yoga magazine though. It’s about being your best, and believe it or not, right now underneath those layers of belly fat is a lean strong waistline. One thing we hear most often from our students after they work through our program is ‘I totally forgot what my sexy waistline looked like. Thanks for helping me find it again.’

The brilliant part about the Yoga For Belly Fat Nutrition Guide is that you can still eat carbohydrates. In fact, you NEED to eat carbs to fuel your body. Our Guide makes sure that you’re eating the right kind of carbs to fuel better, stronger workouts. When taken in at the right time, the proper carbohydrates will give your body sustainable energy all day long, and keep you at your best.

In yoga, we practice the art of ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence. This applies to the self more than anything. We always encourage you to be kind to your body, and to take breaks when you need. Remember, we are building a stronger, leaner, better body for the rest of your life, and if that means you don’t push 110% right away, that is TOTALLY FINE! A true workout transformation should be about the long-term health of the student, not the ego of the instructor.

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:54 pm

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