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Breastfeeding Made Easy – Diet, Tips, Benefits, Problems and Natural Remedies.

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Breastfeeding Made Easy - Diet, Tips, Benefits, Problems and Natural Remedies.Click Image To Visit SiteI know how tired you are… I’ve been there so I’ll keep it really short and simple. In the next few minutes you will learn natural remedies for your breastfeeding problems, secrets, tips and much more!

As a registered nurse I’ve gained years of experience helping mothers with breastfeeding, but it wasn’t until having my own child that I truly understood these problems first hand.

Child birth is a blessing and breastfeeding should be an amazing experience bonding with your baby. Over a decade of experience with helping new mothers has given me the opportunity to share my lessons with you today.

One of my first experiences was with Derek, the oldest of my 3 children, during the first week I had low milk supply and the poor thing was always hungry, of course moving him to the other breast solved nothing. My baby was getting more and more upset!

“Don’t Worry Let’s give him the formula.” My Husband Nicholas said, and of course that made me burst into tears! He’s only 48 hours old and I can’t feed him! I am going to be a terrible mother! My poor husband knew I was very hormonal at the time but still, this was my newborn baby and It make me feel really sad that I couldn’t give him what he wanted…

I was shocked after being a nurse for so long that this could happen to me and that was the first time I realized that there is not enough information out there about natural remedies to common breast feeding problems…

Now that my youngest son is 2 years old I can say I’ve learned many lessons from breastfeeding between real life experiences, countless of books and many doctors!

After many years, I feel like an expert on the subject, and started to think about sharing that knowledge and tips with other breast feeding mothers. I am a nurse, it comes naturally to try to help people and writing is another thing I really enjoy so after years of planning I came up with… Breastfeeding made easy! This amazing guide includes all of the natural homeopathic cures, tips and remedies that I discovered, learned and practiced over the years.

Speaking with mothers from my parenting groups and social circles I tred to find out what their particular problems were while breastfeeding and 12 unique types of problems came up again and again.

Once I had the list then I had my mission…to reach all the mothers with these problems and hand them a guide of proven solutions for each one on the list. These are now the same remedies that we recommend to mothers in the hospital and those with new born babies at home.

Personally I don’t enjoy reading large, technical medical books when looking for help on breastfeeding … I’m guessing you are the same. Wouldn’t you rather have a simple list of steps to follow that would instantly solve any type of breastfeeding pain or problem? That is the way I want moms to see my book as a guide, collection of cures and remedies to end your breastfeeding pains and problems before they start.

Main reason mothers experience breastfeeding pain and problems might not be what you think. Surely you would want to know the best options for your baby, especially if you are experiencing pain or worried about the health of your baby… Researching into each of the individual problems uncovered that they all can be cured naturally at home, without having to trouble yourself into going to the doctor.

Having my guide is like having a nurse walking you every step of the way, showing you not only how to enjoy your breastfeeding relationship, but to protect your baby in a natural and easy way. I will show you breastfeeding diet tips, what to look out for, how to make natural proven medicines, and how to keep your baby healthy and happy!

Main reason for extreme nipple pain or cracked and bleeding nipples is that the baby is not positioned or latched on correctly. This causes a multitude of problems and can be easy to miss for new mothers. Learn about a dozen more household cures for cracked or bleeding nipples.

There are plenty of other possible causes from hormonal conditions to physical ailments such as a thyroid imbalance, insulin injections, breast surgery and anemia. Learn about the many every day causes for low milk supply.

To start with you could try a position where the baby sits up, like the saddle position, will help keep the baby from being overwhelmed with the amount of milk available.

It is hard to watch your child not eat. However, it is possible to convince your baby to come back to nursing with some patience and the right amount of determination.

If white patches in your babies mouth stick around for several days, this is a good sign it is thrush. Milk residue will come and go depending on how often your child is eating.

Having an artificial nipple, used on bottles, while a baby is still learning how to nurse at the breast can be quite confusing for an infant. This is because the latching on technique for breastfeeding and the sucking technique and position of bottle-feeding is very different.

“After spending 20 minutes reading the section on mastitis I discovered a match to my own symptoms. I appreciate your guidance on seeking specialist help, there didn’t seem to be much information out there so I don’t know what we would have done without this. You’ve given me a new perspective on breastfeeding and hygiene, thanks so much. To all the mothers out there thinking of buying a breastfeeding book, this is the one you really need to read!”

“My first child was a dream to feed and raise. Always sleeping well and feeding gently on my breasts. I… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

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