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Birthday Magicology – Become a Magician

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Birthday Magicology - Become a MagicianClick Image To Visit SiteThe easiest way to learn how to be a successful children’s entertainer without a lot of work struggling to get started, without buying high-priced bootcamps, courses or seminars, and without waiting around for results is finally here. Introducing . . .

Plus, I’ll send you weekly assignments for a full three months to help you, Step-by-Step, build and grow your business into a thriving money maker!

I began my career as a professional magician in 1976 starting out, as many magicians do, as a birthday party magician. Over the years, I expanded my program to include school shows, restaurant work, fundraisers, adult programs, clown work, fairs, and eventually a large illusion show. The ideas and techniques that I learned in doing my birthday party show formed the basis of everything else I did, and still do.

This is how you get kids to participate in your program and feel that they are all involved

This is how you feature the birthday child and get other children wanting you to entertain at their party

This is how you select the tricks and effects that will play well for children, and finally

In my case, I learned by reading books, joining magic clubs, talking to other magicians, watching other magicians perform, and taking lots of notes! As you might imagine, this process took a great deal of time and effort – basically years. The process was also complicated by the fact that I was getting bits and pieces of information which I then had to assimilate. As a former teacher, principal, and school superintendent, I know that the best way to learn something new, retain it, and put it into action is through one on one direct instruction. You need to learn from someone who has a complete system, has assignments for you to complete so that you can master each step along the way, and has an achievable goal at the end. That, in fact, is what I have done to help you realize your dream of becoming a professional magician who presents a wholesome, entertaining program.

Over the years, I have done thousands of shows including birthday parties, schools, scouts, churches, fundraisers, and restaurant work, Most of these 36 years of performing professionally was done part time doing 200 – 300 shows per year and a couple of years were full time when I took a break from my career in education. Everything I have learned during those years is included in this course. Nothing is held back. I will teach you how to build and present a successful children’s birthday party and then how to use this as the foundation for expanding into other markets.

Introducing Birthday Magicology: A Step-By-Step, 12-Week Training Program That Will Teach You How to Develop a Show, Get Clients, and Make Money as a Birthday Party Magician.

I developed the Birthday Magicology membership site to teach you how to build a professional magic show designed for children, how to get and retain customers, and how to earn money. In addition, I will show you how to expand your children’s show into other markets thus increasing your marketability, image, and earning power.

Jim, I have just downloaded the 2nd lesson and I can tell you that to quote my sons you "broke it down Barney style" by bringing the birthday party business down to basics. I am certain that the lessons will only get more informative as we progress and as someone that has made a living from that specific trade for over 30 years I can honestly say that you have captured the essence of the business. THANK YOU for putting in black and white what so many out there need to learn! Friends, with three decades and hundreds of thousands of shows performed, I highly recommend this course.

I have been way behind in writing to you about your course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have some very clever ideas – I particularly like the trash can idea to store and ditch the show. I thought this would be perfect if someone had a recycling show too. I really enjoyed this well designed course of magic. Any student of magic will be able to delver a strong birthday party show if they follow your suggestions and guidelines.

“In my 40 years as President of Louis Tannen Inc.and publisher of over 300 books, there has never been anything that compares to Jim Stott’s publication of "BIRTHDAY MAGICOLOGY". This publication is a must if you want to become a Birthday Party Magician. The whole Magical Marketing strategy is all laid out for you, props, patter, publicity, how to market, where to purchase the props etc. It is all covered from beginning to end. If I were still in the business this would be my first big publication series that would go into press, as we did with the Tarbell Course in Magic. I particularly love his idea on how to carry your magic props around, and when you are finished , you are all ready packed and ready to leave…I believe his idea is unique and a magic first. At least I must say this idea is quite creative, and if I were to venture out as a Birthday Party Performer, this is the first thing I would build…boy what a head start this would be.”

“I just received lesson 4 today and your lessons are great. You are very good at explaining everything. I have looked at, and signed up for, several courses in magic and your course is the best I have seen. Thanks a million!”

“Anyone who decides to purchase this course from you should be well on their way to a successful entrance into birthday party magic and beyond. I have tried to think of anything that you might have left out but I can’t come up with anything. Congratulations on a job well done!”

"I love the Birthday Magicology course and am eating it up! I… Read more…

Written by Jason

July 13th, 2015 at 8:18 pm

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