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Almond Classifieds ScriptsClick Image To Visit SiteAlmond Classifieds main idea – easy to use, configurate and install; easy set up custom categories, fields, search; Friendly users’ interface.

Almond Classifieds can be installed as a component for Joomla! content management system (versions 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.x). This component includes the following main features:

In the Almond Classifieds Component (Standard Edition) all features of the Almond Classifieds Component (Free Edition) are already included. The following new features have been added to Pro Edition comparing with Free Edition one:

In the Almond Classifieds Component (Pro Edition) all features of the Almond Classifieds Component (Free Edition) are already included. The following new features have been added to Pro Edition comparing with Free Edition one:

Fast search with keywords suggestions using AJAX technologies can be set up. Users can browse classifieds keywords in alphabetical or popularity order. Users can input a list of keywords – specific keywords, locations, job types, companies names, etc. Country, city, street can be specified as a location. Even if a city is not included into predefined list, users can search ads with such a location via fast search form.When a user chooses a category or city, then searching will be performed with these options. Also users can choose additional options for search which can be different for various categories (e.g. search ads with range of prices).

The list of random ads with photos can be displayed on the ads top, ads list and ads details pages. The list of random ads is changing periodically while a user stays on this page. Highlighted ads are placed on the first positions of this list. If a user chooses some category or location, then random ads will match this query. Random ads are displayed only if total number of ads exceeds some value. Users can click on the "Ads photos gallery" link to browse photos from ads which match their query.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) option allows to optimize and separate scriptURLs for two types – static and dynamic URLs. Static part for classifieds content is organized by the following directory structure: This structure allows to include cities and categories names into URLs paths.Services and search modes of the script work with dynamic URLs. Such URLs separationallows to create simple XML sitemaps (e.g. Google Sitemap) and files robots.txt for indexing only classifieds content by search engines without service and search pages.

The Almond Classifieds can work with major on-line payment systems but for PayPal a special module was created. The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) PayPal Service is integrated into this module for fee based classifieds services processing (highlighting or activating ads, membership subscribing).There is an effective option which allows to give a progressive discount for placing multiple ads. This option is useful for the users or companies that post a lot of ads (e.g. real estate companies, recruitment or dating agencies, etc).

Ads Map Module allows to embed Google Maps into classifieds ads by using Google Maps API.Users can also find driving directions from their location to an ad address. You can try Ads Map features on our demos.

This module allows to set up RSS(2.0) feed for classifieds ads.Users can read the latest ads via rss readers. Affiliate partners can placelatest ads headlines on their sites via any RSS aggregator. RSS link on the top page outputs the latest ads of all categories.If some city is chosen, then ads only from this city will be included into feed.RSS link on the categories index pages outputs the latest ads for these categories.Small resized ads photos are included into RSS items. Ads Line Scrolling Module for Almond Classifieds. This module allows to scroll the line with the latest ads on the top page of Almond Classifieds.

All Almond Classifieds scripts are open and not encrypted, so webmasters have full access to all scripts files.

For real time credit card processing we use company. After your purchase has been approved, you will need to "redeem your ClickBank ticket" to complete your purchase. To redeem your ticket, simply click on the link that says, "redeem my ticket". After this you will be able to load the script. Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 5:55 pm

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