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7 Easy Steps From Fat to Fit – Kevin Haslam, Author of Fit Mind, Fit Life

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7 Easy Steps From Fat to Fit - Kevin Haslam, Author of Fit Mind, Fit LifeClick Image To Visit SiteRead On To Discover Why As Much As 80% Of Successful Weight Loss Efforts Have Nothing To Do With Boring Diets Or Gruelling Exercise—And How Simply Changing Your Thinking Can Instantly Change Your Ability To Obliterate Unwanted Fat…

In fact, what you have been doing, if it involves any kind of exercise and healthy eating, is exactly what you should be doing.

I’m not suggesting for a single second that you should try to lose weight or get fit just by lounging around in your PJs.

… by exercising your body’s largest muscle—your brain—you can quickly, easily and dramatically increase your ability to reach (and even surpass) any health and fitness goal you are currently struggling with.

Listen, this isn’t some hippie-dippy, hocus-pocus, fairies & unicorns style gig… This is a complete mental overhaul consisting of 7 precise, easy-to-follow steps you need to take to retrain your brain to work with you—not against you—when you want to lose weight. And I know they work from first hand experience… Hi my name’s Kevin Haslam, and that’s a picture of me. I woke up one-day 25 years old and 30 pounds overweight. I remember I couldn’t make it up a single flight of stairs without huffing and puffing… and I had no strength in my legs at all thanks to a torn ACL, I was a mess. So that day, shocked and horrified by what I was looking at in the mirror, I decided enough was enough. But things didn’t magically change for me overnight. It took a lot of trial and error with many different systems, new diets, fads, exercise regimes–and a lot of soul searching too—until I finally came up with a real solution that would help me quickly lose weight and STAY healthy. And the secret of my success was the realization that it doesn’t really matter what exercise you do, or what diets you follow… Diet (10%) and Exercise (10%) only account for 20% of your success in achieving any health or fitness goal. The other 80% is purely the mental strategies you apply. And once I realized this, and applied my time to “getting my head straight” about what I was trying to do…

And it’s these exact mental strategies that enabled me to lose 40 pounds and 4 waist sizes, and get my body back to its “glory days”, that I have distilled into 7 easy to implement steps that anyone can benefit from… They haven’t just worked for me… You’ll see from the unsolicited testimonials below that many more people have enjoyed remarkable success simply by following my 7 steps. So remember, if you’re already trying to exercise or eat healthily then…

If you’ve made the decision that you need to lose weight, get fit, or go on a diet, then the hard work is done.

I have learned a great deal from Fit Mind, Fit Life.  The program has reaffirmed why I have been failing in my fitness goals for the past 5 years.  I have used my work schedule as an excuse for being inconsistent with my diet and exercise.  I have found that Fit Mind, Fit Life is a sound tool to encourage me to get focused, get real and commit to consistency.

While reading this book I realize a lot of my own failures are a result of myself, my own mindset. After figuring that out, changing my way of thinking and mapping out a successful health plan seems almost too easy. I am excited to have energy, to feel motivated, accomplish my goals, and actually be happy everyday!

Fit Mind Fit Life is a 177-page ebook that shows you how to effortlessly unlock the extra 80% you need to surpass even the most ambitious weight loss, health and fitness goals in 7 simple steps.

If you’ve seen other people succeed where you continually fail then it makes sense that it’s not the actions, the exercises or the diet…

And if all you need is a flip a switch to change your mental focus then with these 7 steps you can hit your health and fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Fit Mind, Fit Life is a gem in a sea of self-help books that clearly and succinctly teaches individuals how to overcome the daily internal struggles that hinder their motivation. The differentiating element when reading Fit Mind, Fit Life compared to so many of these other get-fit-quick and dieting books is Kevin’s humanness. While reading the book, it felt as if he was right next to me, coaching me toward a healthier lifestyle, and making me laugh out loud with his witty and clever asides. This book was clearly written from a successful experience.

Fit Mind, Fit Life is a wonderful companion to your health and fitness routine. This easy-to-read book contains a wealth of practical information that can be put into immediate use by everyone, no matter what age, health or fitness status.  But the best and most encouraging parts are when author Kevin Haslam shares his personal experiences. Reading Kevin’s words is like hearing them from a good friend. He’s right there cheering you on because he knows you can transform your life, just as he did!

As you can see, it’s pretty clear that taking control of your mind—and using that control to reach your physical goals—works…

But just in case you are worried that honing your mind alone isn’t enough to get you over the finish line, I’ve included a set of carefully chosen bonuses to MAKE 100% certain YOU CANNOT FAIL.

But before I tell you about your bonuses I want to tell you what will happen if you do read the book and you don’t end up completely satisfied…

Grab a copy of “Fit… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 6:54 pm

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