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5 Steps To Ending Your Fatigue And Boosting Your Energy Naturally

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5 Steps To Ending Your Fatigue And Boosting Your Energy NaturallyClick Image To Visit SiteDid you know that chronic tiredness is a symptom doctors usually miss that leads to weight gain and pre-diabetes?

In 2012, a team of doctors from Harvard Medical School and Boston University completed their 16 year study where they followed 68,183 women recording their sleep habits and weight gain. They concluded that sleep deprivation and fatigue were the leading predictors of the women’s body fat percentage and rate of obesity. Another team out of the University of Chicago found that fatigue also increases insulin-resistance, the number 1 contributing factor of diabetes.

Did you know that a study done in 2006 found that reduced sleep changes your hormone levels making you crave sugary foods? It turns out that reduced sleep increases the ‘hunger’ hormone ghrelin and decreases the hormone leptin, your ‘fullness’ hormone. In fact just one night of reduced sleep made otherwise healthy men consumed 22% more calories, mostly sugar, and increased their reported hunger before both breakfast and dinner.

Did you know it was possible to eliminate your fatigue and get the rejuvenating sleep you need in as little as 5 hours a night? That there a handful of changes you can make starting right now that will force your body to get a full nights rest and wake up refreshed and full of that youthful energy you crave?

That means you can get the deepest, fullest sleep of your life starting tonight and wake up tomorrow refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever challenges you have that day. 5 hours of sleep that will have you feeling more rested and more productive than you would if you had slept for the recommended 8 hours.

This is not fantasy talk… It’s possible to completely reverse your fatigue in a single night, without harmful sleeping pills, energy drinks, or dangerous prescription medications.

This system is working wonders for some of the most productive people in the world. In fact these sleep secrets are common knowledge among the most admired executives at companies in Japan, yet virtually unheard of in our western society.

You’re about to discover the sleep secrets that have been used by the most successful men in history including Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Divinci, and John F Kennedy.

I have to warn you though: most of this goes against conventional western medicine and most doctors would much rather prescribe you a dangerous sleeping pill or alertness aid like Adderall. We have become a nation of pill junkies and walking zombies in the west! These quick fixes are fine for drug companies, but will never fix the core problems causing your fatigue.

Caffeine is downright dangerous, and even deadly. In 2013 caffeine Withdrawal was added as a substance abuse and addictive disorder in the leading medical diagnostic tool the DSM 5.

Caffeine is outright banned in certain countries, while countries like Mexico bans the sale of caffeine to minors. The European Union restricts the sale of caffeine and even considered banning Red Bull from being sold.

You can get the same energy boost naturally without the crash, headaches, addiction, and rebound effect of caffeine AND without the proven long term damage of caffeine usage including anxiety disorders and insomnia.

Did you know that food such as chewing gum, yogurt, protein shakes, and even some pharmaceuticals use these dangerous sweeteners to decrease their calorie counts?

Fact: Artificial sweeteners are the number one cause of brain fog, and simply removing them from your diet is often enough to completely eliminate it giving you back the clarity and focus you were born with. These poisons come in a number of names, but they all have the same effect:

The worst part is these sweeteners and diet products are hurting your chances of losing weight, and offer no benefit over regular, normal, healthy food. There’s a better way to lose weight by eating ‘super foods’ that not only give you long burning energy that lasts all day, but do so by speeding up your metabolism allowing you to burn more fat in the process.

Did you know that before the industrial revolution people did not sleep in single 8 hour increments at night? Doctor’s manuals as far back as the 16th century reference ‘first and second sleeps’ where people would sleep in 3 hour blocks based on their natural circadian rhythm (also known as your biological clock). It wasn’t until the industrial revolution with the widespread use of electric lighting, and stimulants like coffee and cocaine (which was an ingredient in popular soft drinks at the time) that people started sleeping in 8 hour blocks every night.

Listen: Forcing yourself to sleep in 8 hour chunks every night is working against your biological clock.

Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep when you go to bed at night? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night full of energy finding it hard to fall back asleep… and yet in the mornings you find you can barely drag yourself out of bed? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the same energy levels in the morning as you do when you wake in the middle of the night?

The only way to get the quality sleep your body craves is to reset your biological clock. We’ll show you how on the next page.

You see, whole wheat contains other chemicals called lectins that damage the lining of the gut allowing toxins to leak into your blood stream. These toxins are known to cause the host of health problems that most people blame on gluten including brain fog, loss of energy, and insomnia.

Our bodies cannot digest these chemicals naturally and relies on bacteria in our digestive track to break them down. This process is called fermentation. It’s the same process that causes bread to rise from gas produced by this bacteria.

Unfortunately for us, this gas builds up in our digestive track the same way it fills flat dough… Read more…

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July 13th, 2015 at 7:15 pm

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