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1-2-3 Shrink!

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1-2-3 Shrink!Click Image To Visit SiteAnd I’m here today to reveal the really strange secret to how I lost 52 pounds eating anything I wanted and not exercising at all.

Let’s be honest. If you were happy with how you look right now, you wouldn’t be reading.

In fact, my husband, family and friends didn’t believe it either…until they saw my clothes swimming on me and watched the pounds melting off.

I struggled with my weight for years — decades even — until I discovered this one crazy trick. I promise you…if I can do it, you can do it too.

I won’t just show you the standard “before and after” photos you see in all those cheesy magazine ads.

You know the ones. Where somehow…50 pounds later…they have on the same outfit in the same colors even though they’re half their size. Give me a break!

So I’ll also show you a live picture of myself — today — and pictures from the last 5 years to show you how long — and how easily…

But I need to warn you…I’m going to show you photos I’ve had locked up for years and share embarrassing stories I’ve never told anyone — even my own husband and sister!

Now I’ve tried to put that all behind me, and it’s been hard for me to talk about it and even harder to look at the photos again.

I really want to share this secret with you…but I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with keeping this online.

So please read this now, while you can — before the picture I’m going to show you in 3 minutes embarrasses me to the point of having to delete it forever.

If I just had a little more self-control…if I ate low-fat cottage cheese and grapefruit for breakfast…if I could get myself to exercise every day…

It’s not that those diets just don’t work. It’s that they are designed not to work! If you and I succeed, they fail. It’s that simple!

Weight loss is simple math…calories in minus calories out. That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong…Think I’m crazy?

Then ask yourself: How many times have you suffered through the day chomping on nothing but celery with a small scoop of tuna.

This is the one that shocks everyone and has trainers trying to get a gag order: You need to exercise to lose weight. Absolutely not! In fact, it can actually sabotage your diet…in a minute I’ll show you how.

No matter what the celebrity spokesmodels tell you, don’t buy this one: Liquid diets and boxed food are a safe, healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.

No…they are a safe, healthy way to pad the company’s bottom line — and put you on a fat-thin rollercoaster.

After all, if we enjoyed eating Styrofoam or drinking flavored goo, we probably wouldn’t need to lose all this fat!

I mean, I lost 52 pounds literally without ever stepping foot in a gym, sweating to a Zumba DVD, or skipping dessert.

And it isn’t going to get you 6-pack abs or turn you “runway ready.” The programs that promise that are torture devices. Can you really bend yourself like that? And why would you want to?!

No, this is the REAL thing. It’s designed to help… melt the fat off quickly, easily and permanently…

From all the places you want: your belly, thighs, butt, neck…everywhere you’re carrying that extra bulge.

…and it will get you to “normal” — normal weight, normal size, and feeling normal again.

If it weighs more than 50 pounds, they put a huge, bright tag on it that says “HEAVY” to warn the guys who have to pick it up.

Well, I was carrying more than that with me every day. (Thankfully, no one made me wear a bright sticker that said “heavy” — though I may as well have!)

I admit, it’s not easy for me but in just a minute, I’ll show you a personal photo that I just dug up.

I was just about in my forties and I knew it wasn’t going to get any easier. My cholesterol and triglycerides were all high and I looked… well, let me show you what I looked like.

Look…long before it was cool to be a “foodie,” I loved food. And sprouts and tofu weren’t going to cut it.

And believe me…this isn’t one of those tricks where I say you can eat bread but it has to be made out of flour from rice husks.

Or where you substitute spaghetti squash for delicious real pasta. That wouldn’t work for me and I wouldn’t expect it to work for you either.

And you don’t need a degree from MIT to figure out how many ounces of this food to eat with that one. Or to work 6 annoying, tasteless foods into your diet every day.

The math is simple. You won’t have to add or subtract even one food to make this secret work for you. Whatever you ate yesterday, you can still eat…when you discover this one shocking secret to lasting weight loss.

Again, this isn’t a joke or “spin.” It’s not that there is some horrible ab workout you need to do for 15 minutes every two hours.

Or that you do 3 minutes of heart-wrenching cardio and then rest for one before torturing yourself all over again.

You see, exercise makes it harder to lose weight because it makes you hungrier and your body starts to beg you for more food.

And even better…you don’t need to go to meetings, keep a journal, track your calories. None of it!

Everything we all hate about dieting…gone! Along with… Read more…

Written by Jason

July 13th, 2015 at 7:15 pm

Posted in Health

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